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Next Generation Fat Transfer

Autologous fat represents the most ideal filler for use in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. It is natural, abundant, easily harvested, and potentially permanent. The method was first described more than 100 years ago and despite initial success, results have until recently been somewhat unpredictable.
Plastic surgeons have been perplexed by the mixed results in patients and even within the same patient. Differences in fat graft survival rates lead to asymmetry, repeated procedures, added cost and low patient satisfaction. LipoVive™ effectively addresses these classic concerns.

It is time for a paradigm shift in fat processing

Until now the processing of fat has been performed with extreme caution. Lately however, it has been realized that there is additional and important factors in the survival of transplanted fat grafts; the presence of a high quantity of stem cells. These stem cells are crucial in the successful formation of both vessels and new adipocytes. Growth factors including stem cells survive under high G-force. LipoVive™ offers higher fat graft volume survival yielding predictable outcomes with less need for overfilling and excellent reproducibility compared to first generation techniques.

The next generation approach

LipoVive™ Fat Transfer is the next generation approach to fat grafting, featuring a unique, patented weighted-mesh filtering mechanism for lipocondensation, which removes more oils and other impurities for a higher quality of adipose tissue for re-injection.

Fat Processing Unit

Exclusive weighted-mesh piston filtering system improves the separation of blood, infiltration fluids and the free oils with optimized centrifugation yielding high density fat – an ideal natural filler.

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Dr. Lee in Korea first developed the LipoVive™ method more than a decade ago and it was quickly accepted in large parts of Asia. 3 years ago LipoVive™ came to USA. Now we are proud to introduce LipoVive™ in Europe through a network of national and regional distributors. We bridge the gap between the best technology solutions and their everyday clinical use.

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